Διαφημιστικές κούπες.

Affordable Promotional Products

In this article we are going analyze some promotional products that offer great results at a low price.

Promotional mugs

Διαφημιστικές κούπες.




Mugs are one of those products that can be used to carry out effective promotional campaigns, with a long-term durable impact and with an adjusted budget.  remain one of the least amended designs with the pace of time and decades, standing faithful to what worked out on first place.

Mugs can be placed in the podium and Olympus of the industrial designs that have hardly changed from their original design versions. The main advantage of these kinds of products is that they are almost icons that are not subject to transient trends and thereby they have a tremendously long-term life span.

The advantages of promotional mugs are: 

1) Low prices: starting from 2 €/unit

2) Timeless design: the design of a mug is easily recognisable and with no doubt it will be the same during many more decades.

3) Simple: in its simplicity is its power always be trendy.

4) Not subject to time trends: being an icon and product that does not complement with others and has a very basic function and clearly defined does not see its survival on risk for changes in technology or changes in customer wants.

Smartphone earphones

Διαφημιστικά ακουστικά.

Earphones for smartphones are those kinds of items that are lost or taken as “borrowed” by a friend that never returns them back. Although these may seem as disadvantages when it comes to reaching a decision on whether or not to choose earphones as promotional items it is completely the opposite: there will always be a place for the earphones of your firm in the pocket of the jacket of a potential customer that might have lost theirs.

The advantages for the earphones for smartphones are the following:

1) Very economic: as only as 1 €/unit

2) Easily substitutable and changeable: they can be changing hands or enter the home of a potential client under the idea of “having them available on the behalf of when loosing mine”

Shopping bags

Διαφημιστικές Τσάντες.

In a society increasingly more conscious and aware of the environment it is a great idea to opt for shopping bags that are fabricated with biodegradable materials. A carry case is used in many situations such as transporting the groceries from the supermarket, carrying items of all of kinds, move-ins, holidays (to carry the beach disposals).

The main advantages of the shopping bags are:

1) Multiuse product that can be used in many different fields.

2) If they are fabricated with natural fibers such as jute it gives your brand a “green” and environmentally friendly touch.

3) Cheap: As low prices as from 1,5 €/unit.




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